The Shoulder and Elbow in General Practice 2nd Edition

Tim Coughlin, David Clark

This book is written with medical students and GPs in mind. It goes through examinations and injection techniques. Then it covers all the common upper limb pathologies. It is available through the iTunes iBookstore. Click on the image to go to the download page.

Basic Musculoskeletal Radiology 2nd Edition

Tim Coughlin, Kirstine Coomer

In this second edition of 'Basic Musculoskeletal Radiology' the text has been heavily edited and rewritten. The text is now grouped by joint and has nearly doubled in length with many more x-rays to learn from. Orthopaedic x-rays and other radiological tests often strike fear into the hearts of medical students, especially as exams draw close. Whether this is due to poor teaching, a lack of exposure, or conflicting information from different sources is hard to tell. What is clear is that a short, concise walkthrough of common x-rays is lacking. This is the void we hope to fill with this book.

Principles of Elective Orthopaedic Surgery

Tim Coughlin, David Clark, Arthur Stephen

This text book is designed for medical students and doctors beginning their training in orthopaedics. The book begins with examination and injection techniques. It then goes on to discuss the conditions likely to be encountered in clinic for both the upper and lower limbs. Please click on the images to go to the download page.

Musculoskeletal Radiology Quiz Book

50 Clinical Cases

Tim Coughlin, Faiz Shivji

This book is accompanied by ‘Basic Musculoskeletal Radiology’ available from the iTunes iBookstore. It contains 50 clinical elective and trauma cases from the spectrum of trauma and orthopaedics. Each x-ray has a clinical scenario above and a number of questions beneath. The second section of the book contains the answers for each case. The questions are divided into two levels. Those with an asterisk (*) are considered higher level questions which would be more appropriate for junior trainees in orthopaedics. Those without an asterisk are appropriate for medical students and would commonly be asked in OSCE examinations.

Learn Orthopaedics


Learn Orthopaedics Workbook

Textbook for the iTunes U Course

Tim Coughlin

This free textbook is available for the iPad and has been made using the new iBooks 3 format. It draws together the .pdf notes from the course and allows the full use of iTunes U features such as the ability to add notes. It also includes some extra multimedia features such as videos and interactive video galleries. If you don’t have an iPad however, don’t worry, the whole course can still be accessed on the iPhone and the iPod by simply subscribing and downloading the .pdf files.